Jake is a fantastic coach who gets to the core of the issues in an excellent manner. He helped me to take drastic steps which brought me a massive shift in my business and my family life. Now, I work less, earn double as I used to and have more time for my kids. What I like about Jake is that he can be very direct if needed. He is not afraid to ask the difficult questions when the situation calls for them. Definitely a very good return on investment! Thank you, Jake. See you again soon.
Peter Barnes - Entrepreneur
What a tremendous coach. Jake has a very unique and powerful style. His help allowed me to fix my objectives and build a very profitable online business. He pushed me to reach my full potential! I have been motivated and inspired, and have learned powerful tools for my business and personal life. I feel the happiest in my entire life. Thank you so much. You are a huge inspiration, Jake!
Robert Yau - Online Entrepreneur
Jake has had an enormous effect on my motivation, my decision making and discovering my true potential. Over the past year, I have found my dream job, get out of a toxic relationship, lost weight and started my own part-time business. I found Jakes’s coaching to be superb and life-changing. The best investment in my life.
Sue Bowen - Software Engineer
In a few short months, I went from procrastinating and agonizing over taking my next step, to putting myself out there and succeeding! Michael is intuitive, positive, and doesn’t waste time. His style is a great balance of “lets get things done” and also creative and exploratory. He seems to know when to focus on the concrete goals and when to explore our personal motivations and feelings. Go see him!
Lauren, Investment Banker
When I started coaching with Jake, I was in the darkest depths of my relationship, my business, and basically my entire life. I was a walking shadow and I couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel... But Jake helped me to turn everything around and put me on the right tracks. His coaching helped me to change how I can see the world. The impact it has had on my business and personal life is priceless. His business ideas are so easy to implement and at the same time so powerful!
Ben C. - Business owner
Jake’s work as a coach has had a tremendously positive feedback on my life. Working with Jake has really helped me to concentrate on my vision, goals and the most important ACTIONS! Without a doubt, he has helped me achieve more in a few months than I did in a last 5 years. I am a totally different person now compared to when I initially started my coaching sessions with Jake.
Neil Coker - Founder and CEO
The only thing I can say is a "huge thank you, Jake"! I already had the right tools in place to create a good income. But Jake added a few missing puzzles to my plan and helped me accelerate my income tremendously in just a few weeks of time. He could clearly see what I was missing and helped me to make the right decisions and changes. It wasn't always easy, but it was definitely worth it!
Denise Green - Peak Performance Coach
Jake helped me change my life when I felt totally lost. I decided to work with him because I wanted to change my career path. With his genuine personality and sense of humour, I instantly connected with him. He helped me find my new path and I am now doing what I always wanted to do, but wasn't brave enough to try. Jake believed in me when I was doubting every action and feeling I had. He pushed me to my limits so I had to break them, and to my surprise I did.
Tom Bayliss - Writer and editor
There aren't any words that could describe how much Jake has supported me through his coaching. His knowledge, experience, and professionalism are to be admired. He will always go an extra mile to help you achieve your goals. The new approach and tools I now have, enable me to have a much stronger focus and plan to action in achieving my deepest dreams. I also like his (sometimes brutal) honesty and talking the "truth", exactly how it is. Only a coach can tell you what you have to fix to get better results. He doesn't just cheerlead his clients through the highs, but also through the challenges. I decided to extend his services to another few months for other challenges and goals. I look forward to working with you again and again.
Laura Stevens - Executive Coach
Jake offers an excellent service. It is incomplex and at the same time full of wisdom. He was able in a very simple way to help me find my own inner truth. At the same time, he inspires, not only through his wonderful support, faith, and confidence but also with his contagious vibrancy and amazing personality. My self-belief and determination have soared. I can honestly say since coaching with Jake, my life has never been so wonderful. I wholeheartedly recommend his as your life coach!
Mary Larson - Doctor
Coaching sessions with Jake were life-changing. Even after one or two sessions, there were absolute and distinct differences in my thinking and in the actions that I took in my business and day to day life. He has helped me discover those parts of myself that I did not know existed. During our hour-long sessions, Jake would make me question the negative thoughts and habits that I'd adopted over the years. He made me find ways to overcome my limiting beliefs. Jake opened up the doors to those talents and ideas that had never crossed my mind before. He is truly a fantastic example and representative of the coaching industry. I now know for sure that working with a coach can not only multiply your productivity but also give you more freedom and help achieve incredible goals.
Phillip Larsen - CEO
Jake! The only thing I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You have changed my life for the better. Finally, I feel like I am alive. Thank you for showing me that I can do what I always wanted to do.
Romario Ramirez - Business owner, Speaker & Artist
“Choosing to work with Jake has been one of my best decisions. I was a little bit doubtful about life coaching, however, I decided to give it a go after the first session with this amazing man and I was blown away by his style and knowledge. He’s helped me to clarify my vision, find exactly what I want from life, lay out the path for my future, and gain new vision into how to carry out my life goals. All our coaching sessions were run in both a professional and friendly manner. But Jake likes to get to the core of every problem and could be tough and firm, but only to help you get your best. The most important he helped me overcome my eating disorder problem. This has changed my entire life. It was a privilege to work with you.
Antonia Garcia - Model
Jake is a great coach. My sessions with him were fantastic and open minded. I thought I know a lot, but he gave a lesson that we can not ever stop learning and getting better. Jake is a very intelligent, alert and unique. He looks through people to find the right path for everyone he works with. He is very experienced and I’m truly grateful for the support he gave us to work through this troubling time. He is definitely made for being a life coach.
Steven P. - COO of a large corporation
Working with Jake gave me huge confidence and motivation. He is a very good coach and I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for one. He took me from talented but with a lack of confidence and self-belief to a bold athlete. He has taught me to dream big dreams, aim to the top and to be the best. Now I am interested only in the 1st place - second place is the first place among of the last ones.
Shaun T. - Athlete
Jake is a charming coach to work with. He is not only a great listener but also very generous with her time when needed. He is very determined to help you with achieving your best version of yourself. He helps you assert yourself and take daily actions in order to complete your goal. He helped me reveal my inside genius and also discover that I am really able to be successful in all areas of my life. Jake helped me a lot. I was in a very stuck position when I met Jake. Thanks to his magic I am on my way of taking on the whole world! He has helped me to discover ways to how to improve many areas of my life and he has helped me to create the foundation for my new future, the things I would never think could happen to me.
Giovanni - Restaurants Owner
Jake coached and mentor me through the first phases of my internet company. He is very clever, knowledgeable and experienced businessman. I cannot speak highly enough about him and his incredible help. Jake helped me a lot by simply believing in me and my business. My confidence soared through the roof from the very first chat with this brilliant man. He helped me set up my own online fashion business and it is running very successfully now. Thank you for your awesome help. Keep doing what you are doing!
Jane Ho - Online Entrepreneur
I can highly recommend Jake and his services. He helped me to take me and my business to the next level. I can not thank him enough!
Susan Mason - Business Owner
Jake! The only thing I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You have changed my life for the better. Finally, I feel like I am alive. Thank you for showing me that I can do what I always wanted to do.
Romario Ramirez - Business owner, Speaker & Artist
Before my coaching sessions with Jake, I was in a very bad position. My relationship was in a bad state, my feelings and sense of self-worth were very low and I was barely able to stay emotionally stable. I hated my job and my whole life. But since working with Jake I’ve become much more stronger, my self-belive went through the roof, and I know how valuable I am. I have found the company I love to work for and my relationships with others are much deeper and exciting.
Tina Patel - Lawer
I have just one word to describe this guy: Phenomenal! Jake gave me the tools, insides, and courage to chase my real dreams. Thanks to life coaching with Jake my life has changed dramatically! I am now on my way to realise my biggest dreams and goals. The techniques Jake has given me are life-changing. Jake is the best coach I have ever met.
Aimie Clarkson - Artist

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