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What are You really selling?

Great brands make you believe in something more than just their products. They emanate a lifestyle and ethos that is irresistible, and that's the real reason why their products become so successful. It's not really the product that sways a consumer's decision—it's the experience and lifestyle that you sell. And if you do it well, you can turn a very basic product or idea into a multi-million-pound brand—which is what everyone wants, isn't it?

But where do you start when creating a great brand? How do you build a visual identity that people love? How do you translate what you sell into something bigger, more meaningful and desirable to the general public?

I'll be honest. It's not easy, but if you have a veteran at your side, you can be great at it.

Branding: a multi-billion-pound industry.

Branding is a multi-billion-pound industry that employs some of the most prominent and creative minds in the world. Talented people and successful agencies spend months conceiving, developing and crafting branding messages and identities for the world's biggest companies and products. But, for entrepreneurs just starting in the business world, these giant agencies aren't always the most viable option.

In fact, the most practical and effective thing you can do is talk to someone with industry experience. The industry is full of people who will promise to make your product the next "Coke," but what you need is a seasoned veteran who can explain the fundamentals to you before you invest a whole lot of money and time.

Your brand is not going to be the next anything. It's going to be completely unique.

As a branding expert and a business coach, I've helped my clients take a pragmatic and easy-to- understand approach to creating a successful brand for their new businesses. Because, as necessary as branding is, I want it to align with all your goals, ensuring it doesn't eat up all of your budget and resources. I want you to have a scalable model and approach to work with. Moreover, I'm not here to promise that you'll be the next anything. I'm here to make sure you create your own brand identity that stands apart—because that's the whole point. You have something unique to bring to the world, and we will work together to find out what it is. Even if your product or idea is not unusual, your brand can absolutely be. I have the industry experience to help you craft a compelling narrative and identity that will sell.

No hacks. Just knowledge and branding success.

My approach to branding is simple: start small and build your identity in steps. I don't employ hacks or tricks, I use the same skills, knowledge and methods that the most significant players do, but instead, I focus on you and your goals on a realistic and manageable level. Entrepreneurs often just need a solid place to start and someone with experience to guide them. It took me some time and a lot of hard (and smart) work to become a top London Life Coach. But I did it. Because that's what I do.

Six-figure success. Real businesses. No BS.

My personal businesses and branding successes have resulted in six figure income for myself and my clients. Many of them have great intuition and ideas for their brand. Still, they need a bit of direction when navigating the complicated advertising landscape—and I help them do this using my tons of experience in the industry.

What a tremendous coach. Jake has a very unique and powerful style. His help allowed me to fix my objectives and build a very profitable online business. He pushed me to reach my full potential! I have been motivated and inspired, and have learned powerful tools for my business and personal life. I feel the happiest in my entire life. Thank you so much. You are a huge inspiration, Jake!

Robert Yau - Online Entrepreneur

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