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Frequently Asked Questions

About my programmes

Does your coaching actually work?

Yes! But only if you do your part. I've designed programmes that get proven results, and I'll be there supporting and guiding you to help you reach your goals. However, it's down to you to follow my steps and actually do the work. If you follow the programme and put in the hard work, you'll definitely see results.

The main difference is that therapy looks at your past and how that affects you and your choices. Coaching, whether life coaching or business coaching, is all about the now and future. It's about setting and reaching goals, rather than mental health and emotional healing. For example, in therapy, you might discuss how your childhood has held you back from reaching success, while in my coaching, we will focus on how you can achieve success now.

Concentrating on the future to achieve success is a fundamental part of coaching. The coaching process is all about the present moment and all the potential of your future. We look at taking action now.

Truthfully, there is no reasonable estimate - simply because every single person has different starting points and various goals. Some people want to concentrate on confidence coaching, others on career change coaching, and some on starting a side hustle, etc. Because of this, all my programmes are bespoke and tailored to you specifically. This means the costs vary. Rather than using a set plan for everyone, I consider everything that factors in to create a programme - which is why it depends on the person.

I can't promise you'll succeed. Why? Because that success depends on you. You are the only one who can provide the guarantee.

I can promise that I'll give you all the tools and support you need to succeed. But it's you who can guarantee success by putting in the effort, following my steps, and working your ass off. I can guarantee that if you do everything I tell you to do; work hard, and remain patient - you will succeed! You can't just slide to the top of the mountain - you have to climb.

But everything is possible - are you ready to do the work?

While I take everyone through the same necessary procedure, the actual coaching can vary greatly. At the initial consultation session, I'll assess where you are now and decide on the right plan and your individual programme's cost. This first consultation session is essential in deciding on our primary goals and is the first step of the process.

The basis of the process is to decide how you will reach your goals and the day-to-day decisions to help you get there. I'll also be there to help support you as you implement the programme. We'll start by setting our priorities and posteriorities, which will remain highly significant throughout the process. Then, I'll guide you through what to do and what not to do. Gradually, step by step, we move closer towards achieving your goals and future success.

Yes. I'm going to be with you every step of the way, so the more comfortable we are with each other, the more we can build trust and reach your targets. We can work together via messages, calls, and video calls, so I'm as close to your side as I can be.

Absolutely. Everyone who comes to me is offered a non-obligatory consultation session (or a few of them if you need to take your time). This initial consultation session is free of charge, and it takes up to two hours. During this time, I'll evaluate your situation, assess your needs, explain how I work, and what the whole process will look like, so I create a programme designed just for you. It's also an opportunity to assess whether we're a good fit for each other and if we would want to work together on a long term basis.

So, don't hesitate to get in touch.

This varies from person to person. Factors such as where you are in your career, your business experience, starting point, goals, and work ethic all play a part in determining how long it will take. It can take as little as 3 months or as many as 24 months to achieve the results you're looking for.

Yes! Aside from my business coaching, I also help with:

  • Your career
  • Finding a dream job
  • Interview techniques
  • Body language and communication skills
  • Creating a start-up
  • Business and entrepreneurial skills
  • Relationships and dating
  • Maintaining energy levels to avoid burnout
  • Finance - management, savings, earning more
  • Work and life balance
  • Fitness - healthy diet and lifestyle and/or weight loss or gain
  • Confidence - improving your self-confidence and/or self-esteem
  • Time and life management
  • Setting priorities and posteriorities
  • Productivity
  • Taking action
  • Motivation
  • Fighting procrastination
  • Goal setting
  • Achieving your potential
  • Organisational skills
  • Decision-making
  • Stress management
  • Addictions and bad habits
  • Public speaking
  • Your image & personal brand
  • Reaching peak performance
  • Leadership skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Social skills
  • Gaining clarity
  • Finding a sense of purpose
  • Personal development
  • Most importantly - happiness

If you feel you are missing any of the above in your professional or personal life, get in touch, and we can work together to change that.

About me and my outlook

When is the time to give up or quit?

Never! If you want to do something or achieve something, perseverance is key. In the programme, we'll discuss the difference between determination and stubbornness. Just because something hasn't worked doesn't mean it won't work. I'll help you find a new way of approaching problems so you can overcome them. Giving up on your dreams is not an option with me!

Now! There is no such thing as the 'right' time. It's never going to be perfect! Taking one small step is better than staying in the same place. Get in touch, and we can have a chat about your first steps.You'll already be one step closer to your dreams.

Sometimes, not very much! Unsuccessful people are usually afraid of something, and they let that dictate their actions. Be it a fear of failure or fear of being mocked by other people; they let that fear control them and prevent them from acting.

On the other hand, successful people are afraid of the same things - but they take action anyway! They let go of past hurts, get over any previous failures, face their fears, ignore those who doubt them, and importantly, they keep going, and going, and going.

Making decisions.

Not making a decision is a terrible decision in itself. Even making a wrong decision is better than not making one because it allows you to make progress. A wrong decision will give you experience, and you can learn from your mistake. Not deciding all means you'll learn nothing and gain nothing. After all, it's progress that makes us happy.

Promise yourself you'll never give up on you and your dreams. Following your dreams, however, slow the progress, give you meaning, motivation, and the desire to make life the very best it can be. You might have to put your dreams on hold to tackle whatever life throws at you, but if you decide to make your life better, you're already making your life better.

As many times as it takes! You only have to succeed the last time, which translates to countless amounts of trying and failing. Until you make it - or change your mind about it (yes, there's nothing wrong with changing your mind and trying something new. That's not the same as giving up!).

Do you know how many times 90% of people try something new before giving up? Less than once.

You can be in the 10% that does everything they can to succeed and achieve their goals.

Being happy! Whatever you're choosing to pursue, make sure it'll make you happy - work, relationships, hobbies. Choose every aspect of your life very carefully; don't let it choose you. The people in your life are very important as they will pick you up when you fail and congratulate you on your success.

Firstly - no, you haven't.

Secondly, name at least 300 things or different ways you've tried.

Ask again. I promise I can help you find something new.

Try and fail. Test different things out. See if they work. If they don't – repeat the process. Make progress. Always fail forward. Hustle hard. If you're really stuck, get in touch; that's what I'm here for.

Again, try and fail. Try different things. Play around. Eventually, you'll find your passion. Try to ignore the people who tell you that you should know your passion at the age of 18. Plenty of people don't find their passion until later in life. The only thing that matters is that once you've found it, hold on to it and don't let go.

Let's get to know each other

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