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When two rival brands with a similar product compete, what do you think gives the more successful brand the edge?


The world's greatest brands make outstanding marketing look effortless, even though it's a highly complex and multifaceted industry. To become successful at it, you need honed skills, training, and most importantly, experience in the field.

As a 15-year veteran and entrepreneur, I have the expertise, training and stacked set of marketing skills—but it's my experience that truly helps clients avoid costly mistakes, traps and short-cuts that quickly derail award-winning products or innovations.

Great ideas often fail because they have terrible marketing.

Some of the most outstanding products and technological innovations, despite being fantastic ideas, never make it into the hands of consumers for one reason: poor marketing. To make people want your product, you have to understand your customers and their desires, routines and spending habits. Frequently, entrepreneurs forgo the critical step of "market research" when trying to bring their innovation to consumers and end up missing the mark completely. Worse, if their idea is excellent, someone else re-markets their creation to the right audience with the right message and makes a whole lot of money off it.

I've seen this happen all too often in the industry and I don't want it to happen to you. I know how to ensure your idea hits the target market with the right message every time. My market research experience will take you through the essential steps you need to take before getting your product to market—so you don't waste any precious time or money.

Most people get overwhelmed when marketing for the first time. Let an expert guide you.

Marketing is an industry in itself for a reason. It takes a lot of work and people to do it well. You need researchers, designers, writers, editors, website specialists, packaging experts, distributors, and so many other experts to get your product successfully out into the world. Without an experienced veteran at the helm, it's easy to become overwhelmed and let essential tasks slip. Eventually, this can lead to your entire project going off the rails—or worse, failing.

As an experienced marketing professional, I understand the pressure marketing can put on you—and that's why my simple yet active approach to getting it all done is so successful. It's easy-to-follow and makes the seemingly unmanageable achievable in small, straight-forward steps.

There are no secrets. Just expertise and experience.

There are no secrets to marketing success, just good habits, expert knowledge and tried-and-tested methods that have helped dozens of my clients launch successful businesses and earn six-figure incomes with their ideas and products.

Jake coached and mentored me through the first phases of my internet company. He is a very talented, knowledgeable and experienced businessman. I cannot speak highly enough about him and his incredible help. Jake helped me a lot by merely believing in me and my business. My confidence soared through the roof from the very first chat with this brilliant man. He helped me set up my own online fashion business, and it is running very successfully now. Thank you for your impressive help. Keep doing what you are doing!

Jane Ho - Online Entrepreneur

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