Benefits of life coaching

by Jake Smolarek
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Life coaching is the kind of phrase that is thrown around regularly, but very few people actually know what it means. A common misconception is that life coaching is like therapy. Some people think life coaching is like having a personal assistant, and others feel a life coach is just an expensive cheerleader.

The truth is that a life coach is many things at once. Life coaching can be truly transformative and can alter your life irrevocably for the better. But what does a life coach do? Do you need one? How will a life coach help you? What are the benefits of having a life coach? I’ve broken down everything you need to know about life coaching, the benefits of life coaching, and how getting a life coach could be the best thing you ever do.

What is a lifestyle coach?

According to the Oxford dictionary, a life coach is "a person employed to help people attain their goals in life." It’s a rather broad and generalized definition, but in essentials, it’s correct. Being a life coach means that it is my profession to help you.

Of course, the reality of this means that every day as a life coach is different. People with different goals, different struggles, and different personalities need different support. This means that although the overall aim of a life coach is to help you achieve your goal, there is an endless number of ways in which a life coach actually helps.

Goals can range from losing weight, getting fitter, or becoming financially independent to gaining confidence, getting a promotion or a new job, or starting a business. Whatever the goal, a life coach can help.

Different types of coaches

Some life coaches specialise in specific areas, such as lifestyle life coaches or business life coaches. You might be wondering, what is a lifestyle coach? Well, a lifestyle coach focuses on aspects of your life that are not professional. They can help you break bad habits, gain confidence, and achieve non-work-related goals. You may also hear them referred to as a personal development coach.

On the other hand, a business coach works exclusively on professional and career goals. Some professional coaches take a broader approach to see how your goal is intertwined with other aspects of your life. But a life coach will find a way to support you, no matter what your goal is and no matter how many challenges you have to overcome.

Why do you need a life coach?

The benefits of having a life coach are far-reaching. Working with a life coach won’t get your results overnight. You should only consider working with a coach if you are committed to long-term, dedicated work. A life coach can help you change your life for the better, but only if you are willing to work. They will help you find a way to tackle challenges, but they won’t do the work for you.

You should seriously consider a life coach if; you want to take the next step, feel overwhelmed, don’t know how to move forward, feel uninspired, unconfident, or stuck in a rut.

Problems a life coach can solve:

  • Inability to make decisions
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Unable to break bad habits
  • Depression and unhappiness with your current situation
  • Feeling lost and unfocused
  • Fear of change and/or development

While you might rely on friends, family, or a professional network for support, a life coach is a more efficient way to get the help you need. Life coaches will tell you uncomfortable truths and can hold you accountable in a way that friends and family can’t. Our job is to help you succeed, so having someone like me by your side is more effective for long-term development and progression than relying on friends and family.

What does a life coach actually do?

The day-to-day life of a life coach is constantly changing. Because we have so many roles to fulfil, a life coach spends their time in many different ways. We are a blend of cheerleader, therapist, mentor, friend, and teacher, and each approach is tailored to you and your needs which means the life of a coach is different every day.

When you work with a life coach, you can expect them to be in touch with you regularly. They are always a call away, so whenever you need support, you can reach them. They will also schedule meetings with you to check your progress and hold you accountable. They will provide resources to help you on your journey. This can be anything from book recommendations to journal and planning ideas, confidence tips and tricks, as well as workshops and information.

Life coaches will create a targeted approach that fits you, your personality, and your goals. In strategic meetings, they will talk through your problems and look at where you are being held back and what you need to do to move forward. They will push you to be better, achieve more, and be more productive.

Ten benefits of having a life coach

1. Improved focus

Working with a life coach can have a long-term impact on your ability to focus. Life coaches will help you see your goal with more clarity and teach you tips and tricks for staying focused on your project. With greater awareness of your situation, a life coach can teach you how to work to the best of your ability. This is something that can benefit you in all aspects of your life.

2. Tailored support

Life coaches have lots of experience working with a range of people. This means they know what will work for you. Life coaches will work with you to find out your strengths and weaknesses; they will look at your personal struggles and create a tailored, bespoke support system to help you. Each person requires different types and levels of support, and a good life coach will ensure that your plan is personalised. Unlike other teaching programmes, a life coach will get to know you to ensure you get the best support.

3. Honest feedback

You might like to get support from family and friends, but this feedback and advice are often not as honest as you need it to be. One of the benefits of life coaching is that you will get proper, constructive feedback from an unbiased source. Your life coach wants you to succeed and will help you get there, even if that means reassessing your current situation. Friends and family generally provide feedback that is biased and unhelpful. What you need is honest feedback that will enable you to evaluate your next moves critically.

4. A fresh perspective

Life coaches work with lots of different people, which means we have the experience of seeing what works and what doesn’t. As well as providing our professional opinion and offering a fresh perspective, we can back it up with evidence and the experience of other clients. We know what will make a difference and what is a waste of time. A life coach will be able to tell you things that never crossed your mind and help you think outside of the box.

5. A real plan

One of the benefits of having a lifestyle coach is that they will work with you to provide a specific, actionable plan. Coaches can show you steps to take to begin making a difference in your day-to-day life. They can take your dreams and turn them into practical, realistic steps which you can follow to achieve your goal. Unlike a therapist or a close friend, coaches can ensure that your next steps are realistic for you to accomplish with a bit of hard work without being completely unattainable.

6. Increased confidence

Working with a life coach can lead to an increased level of confidence and self-belief. As you reach your goals and achieve new things, you will find yourself more confident in your own abilities. This can translate to all areas of your life, and your self-assurance will inspire you to do more and achieve more. Increased confidence has a knock-on effect on other projects and will mean you feel you can tackle more significant challenges. As you succeed, you will begin to believe in your own talent and skills, leading to more tremendous success.

7. Meeting your goals

Above all, the benefit of a life coach means actually meeting your goals. Life coaches are super motivational and can give you all sorts of tips and tricks to help you meet your goal. Whether you want to take the next step professionally or personally, they will be there every moment you need support, meaning that you are more likely to achieve your goal. Studies suggest that people who work with life coaches are more likely to succeed and go on to new heights setting new goals than people who try to go it alone.

8. Held accountable

It’s very easy to set a goal or a deadline and then let it slip past. It’s effortless to make excuses and pass them off as reasons for your failure or laziness. Working with a life coach means you will have someone checking in, motivating you, pushing you to succeed, and taking you to task when you aren’t working hard. You need a life coach to be there for you when the going gets tough. If you are someone who dreams big and then struggles to follow through, a life coach will be there to catch you and actually hold you accountable, helping you do the things you said you would do.

9. A better future

Life coaches can work with you for any amount of time, from three months to several years. But the investment you are making in yourself will last for much longer. Life coaches give a range of tools, coping mechanisms, and tactics to use long after you stop working with them. They can teach you productivity hacks and give you the confidence you need going forward. This means that even once you stop working with a life coach, you will be better equipped to provide yourself with a better future.

10. Enhanced mental and emotional state

Working with a life coach is tough. It requires hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, but it is extremely rewarding. A life coach will be by your side every step of the way, helping push you to achieve. This means they will help pick you up when you fail and will help you celebrate your achievements. Getting in touch with your inner state is a large part of working with a coach, as success relies on you. This means that by working with a life coach, you will find yourself more confident and more in touch with your emotional and mental state.

Is a life coach worth it?

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Life coaching isn't a shortcut to success. Working with a coach long term is a real investment in your future self, so it isn't a cheap option. It also isn't an easy way out. When you work with a life coach, you will find yourself facing tough emotional and mental challenges. It is hard work and, as such, requires dedication and commitment. But is it worth getting a life coach? Yes, if you are serious about your future and want to be the best version of yourself possible.

Where do I start?

Now, after all that, you probably understand the benefits of life coaching and might be thinking, "I need a life coach, but where do I get one?" The answer is, you need to find someone that works well with you. Think about what you want to achieve and get in touch with several coaches to see which one can offer you the type of support you need.

Working within a life coach is very personal, and it can become a very close relationship as you navigate the highs and lows together. It would help if you found a coach who fits you and your personality. Reach out and get in touch and have a chat. Getting in contact with a few people could be the first step to changing your life.

You can change your life; you just need a little push in the right direction.

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